Vision and Mission


“Social Transformation through Dynamic Education” - We believe that it is through the spread of education in all the strata and sections of society that real social transformation can be brought about.


To nurture young minds and make them realize the true potential of delivery to fulfil the purpose of their soul existence by way of Discovery, Innovation, Leadership and Service


Bharati Vidyapeeth‘s College of Engineering Lavale, Pune is striving to create resources to transform the Demographic Advantage of India into Global Citizens for Future. The Institute has following broad objectives:

  • To make continuously updated education in various branches of Engineering available to the students. .
  • To create bridge leading into sustainable industry institute interaction resulting into placement opportunities for students and industry ready professionals.
  • To create research infrastructure and inculcate research acumen among student and faculty.
  • To provide holistic atmosphere such as sport Complexes, Community Centres, Hospitals and Multilevel Security.
  • To create awareness and inspiration for Research and Innovation
  • To train the students to be the competent professionals by imbibing in them recent knowledge and skills.
  • To Promote Higher Education Abroad by coordination of world education activities and attainments of prerequisites
  • To help the students to realize their intellectual, artistic, literary and other potentials.
  • To encourage development of research and consultancy infrastructure for progression and knowledge creation and prevailing wisdom.

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