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Name of the lab Basic Electronics Lab
Investment(Rs) 2,48,769
Lab incharge Prof.S.G.Gawhale
Name of the lab Digital Circuit Lab
Investment(Rs) 3,49,736
Lab incharge Prof.A.B.Wani
Name of the lab Analog Circuit lab
Investment(Rs) 8,75,788
Lab incharge Prof.S.G.Gawhale
Name of the lab Communication Lab
Investment(Rs) 18,85,908
Lab incharge Prof.L.P.Chaudhari
Name of the lab Simulation Lab
Investment(Rs) 10,51,051
Lab incharge Prof.L.K.Wani
Name of the lab Mobile & Broadband Communication lab
Investment(Rs) 8,70,497
Name of the lab Audio-Video lab
Investment(Rs) 3,59,913
Lab incharge Prof. M.H.Molawade

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