Industrial Visits

S.No. Date Company Visited Sector Class Name of Faculty Accompanied No. of students Visited
1 18/01/2019 Symposium of International Automotive Technology2019 by ARAI, PUNE Automotive SE/TE/BE Prof. S. N. Kadam,
Prof. Nilesh Singh
2 08/10/2018 New Laxmi Tyres,  Pirangut. Automobile BE Tambade S S 110
3 12/10/2018 Jayakwadi Dam Power Plant BE Kale S R,
Nagwase S Y,
Pasarkar A M
4 27/08/2018 & 28/08/2018 Rivoltech Auto Engg Pvt ltd Manufacturing TE Mane A B,
Kale S R
5 17/10/2018 SSIG Manufacturing Advancement pvt Ltd Baner CAD/Cam Automation BE Kadam S N,
Tambade S S
6 12/10/2018 Adlabs Imagica Hydraulics BE Datarkar A A
Kadam S N,
Tambade S S
7 24/07/2018 Katraj Dairy Dairy Products SE Dhamone S P 65

Jayakwadi Hydro Power Station

Visit to Kirloskar wadi

Guest Lectures

S.No. Date Name of Guest Company / Organization Represented Designation Topic of Lecture No. of participants
1 19/7/2018 Mr. Mangesh Deshmukh Panchshil Realty, Pune Sr. Project Manager Project Management 60
2 14/8/2018 Mr. Ameya Gole Shree Heat Exchanger, Ambegaon, Pune G. M. Design of air cooled  heat exchangers 64
3 20/8/2018 Mrs. Sujata Patil Tahasildar Office Mulshi, Pune Nayab Tahasildar New Voters  registering  Campaign 91
4 18/1/2019 Prof. Aniket Patil SKN COE, Pune Associate Professor Isometrics Views for subject Engineering graphics-I 129
5 28/01/2019 Mr. Ashok Deshmane Snehvan Founder Aajchya Yuvkanche Samajik Bhan  
6 29/01/2019 Sou. Anuradha gore  Well known Writer Retired Headmistress Opportunities in Indian Army For Engineering students  
7 30/01/2019 Prof. Kshitij Patukale Insurance Acadamy, SahitSya Setu Founder Engineering Views Of Life  
8 31/01/2019 Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal (Mai)   Founder Aaichya kaljatun  
9 26/03/2019 Dr. B D. Bachchhav AISSMS COE Pune Professor  Recent advances in Mechanical Engineering  
10 27/03/2019 Mr. Roshan Bangera Cyber security CEO Cyber security and Cyber-crime  

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences Conducted

S.No. Date Name of Guest Type of event Name of event Class No. of participants
1 18/8/2018 Dr. K. D. Jadhav Conference National Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering and Sciences 2K19 TE, BE Mechanical 126
2 27/9/2018 Mr. Nitin Bhagvat Project Competition Invention 2019 National level project competition and exhibition TE, BE Mechanical 111
3 28/9/2018 Mr. G. B. Firme Expert Training Programme Software training based on PLC TE Mechanical 60

  1. National Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering and Sciences 2K19
  2. Expert lecture on "Engineering Graphics I (Isometric Views)" - 19th Nov. 2018
  3. Industrial Practices in air conditioning Duct Design (Under ISHRAE)
  4. One Week Workshop on Lean Manufacturing
  5. One Day Seminar on 'Introduction to OHSAS 18001'
  6. Two Days Course on 'Advance Finite Element Analysis'
  7. Four days Workshop on 'Introduction to Matlab'
  8. One week Training On 'SOLIDWORKS Software (CADCAE)'

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences Attended

S.No. Date Name of participants Type of event Name of event Venue
1 22/6/2018 to 23/6/2018 Prof. Atish B. Mane Conference 4th International Conference Emerging Trends in Mechanical Science (ICEMS-2018) Hydrabad
2 25/10/2018 to 26/10/2018 Prof Amruta Pasarkar Conference 4th International Conference Nanotechnology –Applications ,Advances and Innovations Pune
3 25/10/2018 to 26/10/2018 Prof . S. N. Kadam Conference 4th International Conference Nanotechnology –Applications ,Advances and Innovations Pune
4 22/2/2019 to 23/2/2019 S R.Kale
S S.Tambade
S Y.Nagwase,
P. G. Rahate
Conference Second Shri Chhatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj QIP Confrence on Engineering Ahmednagar
5 26/03/2019 to 27/03/2019 Prof. S. R. Patil
Prof. A. A. Datarkar
Prof. N. R. Singh
Prof. N. N. Raut
Prof. S. S. Tambade
Prof. S. N. Kadam
Prof. S. Y. Nagwase
Prof. S. P. Dhamone
Prof. V.C. Khapper
Prof. A. B. Mane
Prof. P. G. Rahate
Prof. S. R. Kale
Prof. Mrs. A. M. Pasarkar
Conference National Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering Sciences 2019 BVCOEL, Pune

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