Vision, Mission and Goals : Engineering Science Department

1. Vision:

“To cater our students to pursue both intellectual growth and professional development, balance both depth and breadth in learning experience, practice both thoughtful reflection and active application.”

2. Mission:

“Our mission is committed to teach our students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, and live ethically. These skills serve as the foundation for living the examined life and succeeding in an increasingly global, ever-changing workplace.”

3. Goals:

  • To educate students at all levels to apply concepts and principles of mathematics, science and engineering to solve important technological and scientific problems, as they practice engineering with technical skill, professionalism and societal awareness.
  • To perform and disseminate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research that advances applied science and technology while preparing future researchers for industrial, academic and government positions.
  • To continuously advance our educational and research reputation in the eyes of prospective students, employers, government bodies and other institutions of higher learning, in the United States and abroad.

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