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Name of Laboratory Engineering Physics
Description The department of physics provides basic as well as applied physics through lecture and laboratory courses to students. Department has well equipped laboratory. The department also motivates the students for research in field of material science, laser Technology and nuclear engineering by arranging project competition. research and teaching are given equal importance by the faculty extra care is taken to pay individual attention to the students in their laboratory work and tutorial sessions. Department organizes extra lectures on different topics related physics from experts.

  • Total area of Laboratory:- 90.21 Sq.Mtrs.
Major Equipments
List of Equipments
S.No. Name of Equipment Qty
01 Spectrometer 03
02 Newton’s Rings 03
03 Ultrasonic interferometer 03
04 C.R.O. 801 03
05 Function Generator 4060 03
06 e/m by Thomson's Method 03
07 Travelling Microscope 03
08 Laser Set For measurement of thickness of Wire 03
09 Hall Effect 03
10 Energy Band Gap 03
11 Diffraction Grating 03
12 Sodium Vapour Lamp 03
13 Characteristics of Solar Cell 03


Name of Laboratory Engineering Chemistry
Description Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of composition and properties of matter. So chemistry is relevant to every walk of life. Chemistry is needed everywhere in life. Without a chemical reaction there is no single moment in life. Chemistry has high importance in engineering. It helps you to know more about the materials you are using and working with. Knowledge of how materials and products work together is needed in the engineering field. It helps to lay strong foundation in science subjects in the first year stage, which severs as a foundation to grasp engineering subjects thoroughly.

Total area of Laboratory:-90.21 Sq.Mtr.

Major Equipments
S.No. Item / Description
1 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
2 Colorimeter
3 PH Meter
4 Conductometer
5 Muffle furnace
6 Oven
Name of Laboratory Basic Electrical Engineering
Description Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory accommodates about 240 students in a semester. Located in LG-01, the lab has 20 fully equipped setup benches to carry out numerous fundamental experiments in Electrical Engineering. The experiments are designed to expose students to the practical executions of the fundamental theories of Electrical Engineering.

Total area of Laboratory:-90.21 Sq.Mtr.

Major Equipments
S.No Name of Equipment Qty
01 Single Phase Transformer 3
02 Single Phase Autotransformer 3
03 Three Phase Autotransformer 2
04 1 Phase lamp Bank 2
05 1 Phase Inductive Bank 2
06 3 Phase Lamp Bank 3
07 3 Phase Capacitor Bank 1
08 3 Phase, Induction Motor coupled to DC shunt Generator with panel 1
09 3 Phase Rectifier Unit 1
10 DC Dual Power Supply 2

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